Fuel Tax

Maximise your Fuel Tax Credits claim by accurately tracking your travel with Swift.MV.

Maximise FTC Claims

Any off-road (and some on-road) business-related driving entitles the business to claim Fuel Tax Credits (FTCs). By analysing your own GPS tracking data, or by implementing tracking solution to fit your needs and analysing data produced, Swift MV calculates your FTC entitlements - enabling you to accurately maximise your Fuel Tax Credits claim.

  • Does your business often use vehicles off-road or on non-public roads?
  • Are you eligible to claim fuel tax credits for business use?
  • Are you under-claiming or not claiming fuel tax credits because the process is too complicated?
25% average increase in FTCs claimed
90% average increase in compliance
Fuel Tax Fuel Tax

How It Works

Swift.MV can work with your existing technology, or otherwise provide a completely end-to-end solution.

Analyse Historic Data

If you have access to tracking telematics, we can process this through Swift.MV to maximise your Fuel Tax Credits. Our software can determine which parts of each trip used non-public roads, and therefore evaluate the optimal FTC outcome for your business.

Implement an effective solution

By leveraging 4G, GPS technology, and geo-fencing, Swift.MV can track and determine when a vehicle is travelling non-public roads (and accordingly evaluate your Fuel Tax Credit entitlements).

Instantly claim Fuel Tax Credits

Swift.MV is a quick, easy and convenient tool that can potentially save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars not only in future returns but also through the lodgement of variations for prior use.

Collect information securely

The details of the routes can be tracked through our secure portal. The entire process is protected and private, only displaying information relevant to the calculation of fuel tax credits.

Easily track and claim FTCs

The result is a reliable and easy-to-use system which accurately maximises your FTC claim. Without a technology solution, measuring off-road travel is difficult at best. With Swift MV, your entitlements are easily identified and your resulting claim maximised.

Customise Your Solution

Swift MV can be configured to record and report information according to your specific needs.

Track your CO2 emissions

For socially conscious businesses, Swift.MV has the ability to track CO2 emissions of your fleet. This information is displayed on an online, real-time dashboard. It can also be exported to a spreadsheet which can populate any reports.

Work with existing data

For Fuel Tax Credit claims, Swift.MV can use your pre-existing GPS data to process trips and calculate your FTC entitlements.

Create driver safety reports

Swift.MV features an advanced safety dashboard alerting the user of speeding, sudden braking, hard acceleration and impacts.

  • Maintain visibility of your fleet
  • Minimise behavioural risk and reckless driving
  • Minimise idling and excessive fuel usage
  • Promote a safe driving culture
  • Manage insurance obligations after an accident

"We deployed PwC's Swift.MV technology to 180 vehicles in our fleet (on site) for FBT and Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) purposes. The technology was easy to install and we were able to monitor our fleet's public/private road use for FTC, and business/private use for FBT live via the Swift.MV dashboard.

By using Swift.MV to automatically generate logbooks, we were able to switch from the statutory formula method to the operating cost method, which resulted in significant FBT savings. In addition, the GPS tracking units and the Swift.MV software automatically calculated the off-road percentage for our fleet.

PwC's Enterprise Digital team (together with the local PwC Perth tax team) provided outstanding support to our tax team and drivers during the deployment process. Using an automated motor vehicle tracking solution like Swift.MV resulted in a great outcome for us and we are looking to implement Swift.MV as a permanent solution for new vehicles in our fleet. "

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