Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Track your vehicles with Swift.MV to automatically generate your company’s Fringe Benefits Tax logbooks and compliance requirements.

Automate Logbook Compliance

Swift.MV securely and privately tracks your fleet of vehicles to automatically generate your company’s FBT logbooks and associated compliance requirements. This enables you to elect the most advantageous FBT methodology (on an ongoing basis) so you can save on unnecessary costs.

  • Is the compliance burden of logbooks and statutory declarations frustrating?
  • Do you use the statutory method for motor vehicle FBT purposes?
  • Do your employees often drive for business purposes?
Potential for cash tax savings
33% average reduction in FBT payable
No more manual forms and emails
65% average hours saved on FBT management
Fringe Benefits Tax Fuel Tax

How It Works

Swift.MV uses a combination of technology to track vehicle journeys, classify their purpose as business or private, and analyse this information effectively.

Fleet Technology That Delivers

Swift MV can be implemented with custom technology to ensure an optimal user experience.


OBD2 Tracking Devices

All vehicles from 1990 are fitted with an on-board diagnostics-II (OBD2) port. Leveraging 4G technology, our OBD2 GPS tracking devices can obtain vehicle statistical data whilst also tracking the position of the vehicle. This option typically provides clients the ideal tracking solution.

Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags can be used to manage your fleet. For example, RFID tags mounted on vehicles and fixed points (such as near entries and exits) can track vehicles within a particular site. RFID tags are particularly useful for precisely monitoring non-public road use.

"Swift.MV is definitely worthwhile from an audit and governance perspective! Using an automated logbook solution like Swift.MV means that there is an accurate record of driver trips and all drivers need to do is to classify their trips as business or personal, using the mobile app. Overall, it was a seamless experience and I will be using Swift.MV again for the next group of Beaumont vehicles that need to prepare a logbook."

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